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Emma Scott was anything but a ‘normal’ child … brought up in a demanding religious environment wasn’t the easiest of beginnings, but by the time she reached the tender age of 14 things were beginning to change.  Her parents divorced and she fell into a world of daydreams and imaginings, of colour, abstract art and the very beauty of nature, and the possibilities of all that it offered to her open mind.

Many years passed and her creative senses seemed lost in the unforgiving world of endless day to day chores and everyday life … of broken promises and the heart break of lost relationships, her only pleasure were her bags and to be immersed in her secret garden of blooms where she found solace….

But then, in an entirely overwhelming moment, she encountered someone who would change her life forever … his own creative personality sensed her magic and encouraged her to revisit her fascination with the emotion of colour and light, which blossomed again into a love affair with the striking vibrancy and hues of beautiful flowers …and possibilities of merging this with her other passion of bags …  she decided to design her bags to include this very magic of her flowers 

So, briefly, that’s how it all began … and ‘Classic Bags in Bloom’ was born …